Facilities & Equipment

Facilities & Equipment at 43 Air School

43 Air School specialises exclusively in flying training, and the organisation is equipped specifically for this purpose.

The infrastructure includes an on-campus administration centre, operations room, crew room, lecture halls,library, simulator centre and instructor briefing offices.

The school owns a fleet of 50 Piper single-engine and multi-engine aircraft as well as Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters equipped for basic and advanced training. These are maintained by our own on-campus aircraft maintenance organisation.

Various flight and radio simulators are used to compliment the ground and flying training. The Alsim AL50 (Piper Seneca) simulators are used for basic instrument training whilst the Alsim AL1-2 (Baron 58) and Alsim AL200 MCC (Cessna Citation, BE 200) are used for instrument procedural and more advanced training.

The school recently acquired a state-ot-the-art R22/Bell 206 flight simulator enabling it to offer its rotary wing students instrument procedural training on a rotary wing device.

Click here for an interactive map of our Port Alfred facility.