Training Environment

The 43 Airschool Training Environment

Comprehensive. Practical. Dedicated.

43 Air School provides a complete and dedicated training environment. The school is located at Port Alfred, a seaside resort on the south east coast of South Africa. The airport is used almost exclusively for flying training, and procedures are tailored to accommodate the needs of training. Students first master the basic skills in the general flying areas which are situated adjacent and overhead the airport. Thereafter they learn to apply these operationally in the high density traffic airspaces at Port Elizabeth and East London, which are situated within a 20 to 35 minute radius and equipped with all the various navigation and approach facilities, including primary and secondary radar.

During the latter phases of training students are exposed to international operations across the entire Southern African sub-continent.

The climate is temperate, and affords exposure to the varied weather conditions that the pilot will be encountered in the future operational situation.

The campus is situated at the airport, and provides a secure and productive learning environment. 43 Air School offers a complete residential service, and caters for various cultures. On site amenities include a bar, cafeteria, gym, tennis and volley ball courts, and a swimming pool. The area provides numerous recreational and social activities, without the distractions of the larger cities.